Anonymous said: Just want to remind you, that it's never too late. For anything, to do anything, to change anything, to be anyone you want to be. You can do it, whatever that may be. 💙

Anon. I wish you weren’t an Anon. Because I would love to tell you how desperately I needed to hear that. So, thank you, whoever you are. You’re an outstanding person. But you already know that.


evening tumblr. 

I am sitting here.

I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens. 

i’m at that point in the night where i can’t tell if i want to drink more, eat, or just go to sleep….

when you really get down to it

I just want someone who will go out and drink and sing karaoke with me and not give a fuck about what anyone else thinks about us. 

I keep hitting refresh and nothing is happening. 

writing bad poetry is how i learn to live with myself.

that and good beer. 

It’s a struggle, but here I am.

Here I stand.


But proudly. 

I walk barefoot over this broken glass.

But I’m not here to Die Hard. 

Not yet. 

Not fucking yet.

This is not where my sun sets.

And every time I think it’s time to leave, 

I tell myself that I am not finished here. 

I am not meant to disappear. 

I am meant to Burn Out Bright. 

To rise up and fight.

For this existence is not a passing of events.

No it is a battle, an epic.

An Adventure. 

I do not simply skim the pages but take in every word as each page turns.

I am here and I must make it count.


Some way. 

I am here to stay. 

I drawn in another breathe. 

A reminder of my inevitable death.

But with hope I look to the coming dawn.

And remember these words:

"Hold, Hold On.

If Love is the answer you’ll Hold.

Hold On.”

With everything that’s within me,

I hold on tight.

I will survive this night.

Because love.

Because love is enough.  

John Oliver: Joining Jon Stewart in the fight against Bullshit Mountain. 

Why is common sense so hard to grasp??? 

evening tumblr.

I obtained a cold beer. 


evening tumblr.

I obtained a cold beer. 


How easy it is

To break ones heart.

And how hard it is to put it back together again.

evening tumblr. 

I desire a cold beer.

evening tumblr. 

I desire a cold beer.

2014 FIFA World Cup: Round of 16 fixtures

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I learned 3 Coldplay songs and 3 Switchfoot songs on guitar

So I’m Chalking up tonight as a success. 

334 Plays


And I always heard people in New York never get to know their neighbors.

3/13 Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Movie Soundtrack

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Said to me by my fellow Barista today:

"What the fuck am I doing with my life Deej?" 

To which I replied: 

"The hell if I know Britt." 

End Scene.